Don’t B Ashy with your Skin. Don’t B Ashy with your Attitude.

Don’t B Ashy honors a heritage of healing. Our mission is to spread pride & joy through the transformative power of self-care.

Whilst hitting on a cultural nerve, Don’t B Ashy Body Butter opens the conversation on skin care in a humorous way to address a classic black concern-dry skin. ‘Ashy’ is a term unique to the African-American community; it is a double entendre meaning dry skin and severe or disturbing speech, thoughts, actions. When I was growing up, the last thing you wanted to be was ashy; it meant you were unkept or uncivilized. Even if we didn’t have much, we were encouraged to at least arrive presentable. As a small child, I realized the inherent value of skin and how my black skin held a history of violence and a significant need to protect it.

Don’t B Ashy is CULTURAL


After the 2016 elections I went to my grandmother’s house and asked her “What are we going to do?”, because I was afraid about the potential for racist acts to proliferate in our country. She replied by telling me to come outside and help her replant some flowers. She told me that she had experienced humiliating segregation, senseless racism and reassured me that WE were going to make it through this as well. That weekend I uprooted old plants and planted pansies in her front lawn; I began to feel much better. The ability to transfer energy by loving oneself, especially in situations that have the potential to create fear, is very magical.

Don’t B Ashy is MAGICAL


Truthfully, we can all be a little ashy sometimes. Don’t B Ashy began as a message to myself as a reminder to hydrate my body and refocus my thoughts about myself. I needed to heal, thus began my journey into self-care. As a dancer, I know about caring for one’s body. When I get injured the first thing I do is to go within, listen carefully to my body, and see what I need, in order, to recover. We need more love for ourselves, with our skin and our philosophies.

Don’t B Ashy is SELF-CARE


This product began as a way for me to maneuver in times of confusion, in a constructive, healthy, way. I realized it was my duty to take care of myself and to show up having first cared for myself, strong, and confident. I, like my grandmother, must tend to my garden, understanding how to protect, grow, and let things pass that are not for me. Don’t B Ashy is a way of rising above the challenges in life.

Don’t B Ashy is MATURITY